Forensic Kits

Participants at the ASEAN Wildlife Forensics Network Training Workshop 2nd to 6th August 2010 were provided with Forensic Kits. These kits contained the basic components necessary to take samples from a wildlife crime scene, and label and package them correctly, ready for sending to a DNA laboratory. The contents of the kits are listed in the Instruction Booklets below. All of the contents should be available locally, and laboratory scientists, human forensic experts and police should be able to give advice on where to buy these. If you are having difficulty finding suppliers or need some advice about how to disseminate kits within your own organisation, please contact us using the Contact tab of this website. Please note that silica capsules are mentioned in some translations of the kit booklets: use of these capsules is optional because they do not effectively absorb moisture for long term storage, especially in humid climates.

Instruction booklets for Forensic Kits: download the booklets by clicking on the links below:

Kit guide English

Kit guide Indonesian

Kit guide Malay

Kit guide Thai

Kit guide Vietnamese

Forensic Laboratory Forms

The forms below are the same as those used at the Training Workshop. Members of the Wildlife Forensics Network are allowed to use these forms.

Animal DNA Forensic Submissions

Sequence Editing Form

TRACE Biology DNA General Examination Record – Lined

TRACE Examination Record Continuation

TRACE Non-Human Extraction form

TRACE Non-Human Mito PCR form

TRACE Non-Human Seq-Clean form

TRACE Sample Receipt form

Enforcement Lectures

The lectures from the Training Workshop are listed below. Members of the website are welcome to download and use these lectures. We would appreciate feedback if you use these lectures.

A1 Course Introduction

A3 Overview of Wildlife Forensics

A4 Chain of Custody

A5 Reporting Forensic Evidence

A6 Laboratory Models and Quality Assurance

A7 Building an ASEAN Wildlife Forensics Network

E2 Forensics Options for Investigators

E4 Prosecution Issues